Talking about marriage and babies and houses and cars stress me out; these are things i want in life, but things that seem so far out of reach.

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you’d think in todays day and age, there’s be “dial-a-bowl” for weed versus the standard “dial-a-bottle” for beer
but nope

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Chantelle Young test shot
~ America (21) ~
by Janick Laurent
You wanna know what I think is wrong with pot? Nothing. Would you rather be in a room full of drunks or pot smokers? Give me the pot smokers every time. Laid back and friendly. When was the last time a bar fight broke out between potheads? Drive drunk, you think you’re doing 30 and you’re really doing 90. Drive high, you think you’re doing 90 and you’re really doing 30. You stop at red lights twice. Mother Nature produces pot. Man makes liquor. Who do you trust? Seriously, the pizza I used to deliver has killed more than all the weed ever smoked in the state of Idaho. Nate Norman (Kid Cannabis)

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Just updated with some dope hand lettering.

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