Peek at my series of Will Jardell, so excited to share the rest!  Root for this guy on America’s Next Top Model tonight! antm

Those lines and that lighting, though.Props, Zach Schwermer.

Recent work with Will Jardell in DTLA.  I’m obsessed with reflections.

Will! What a fabulous model and shot.He’s got a killer facial structure.Jelly of the photographer cuz Will seems like he’s cool beans. :’)

Anonymous said: do you have a link to antm episode tonight? if you get one can u please send me

IF I find one in time, I’ll definitely post it. :)
But so far, no luck! :(

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that creepy as fuck feeling when a hair brushes against you WHILE a spider is in your presence
hell no
get me the fuck outta here

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 Christina Ricci in her dressing room, preparing for the scene where Ichabod finds her reading the Compendium of Spells, Charms and Devices of the Spirit World on the set of Sleepy Hollow, 1999

I love shots where the focus lies within a small mirror.

Vintage Kate moss☕️

someone should post a livestream for americas next top model!
i’m never home to actually catch it in time, and the excitement/suspense of whether i’ll get a link is already killing meeee

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This picture has awesome lighting.

i just designed for three hours and my brain is tired
someone come make me fish sticks

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"Wild", written over song lyrics to "Stop, Drop N Roll" by Neako.09/29/2014.Calligraphic marker and a baby blue Bic Shimmers ballpoint pen.Image turned black and white in Photoshop.

Self promo because I make some cool shit from time to time

Sergio M
for Male Model Scene